Standard and Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmission

As our name implies, transmissions are our core focus. Granted, your engine provides the power your car needs to run, but without a functioning transmission, your car won’t move when you step on the gas.

Leaking transmission fluid is a common sign your transmission needs attention. This fluid is similar to engine oil, except for it’s red in color, whereas engine oil typically ranges from dark brown to black. Your service engine light can frequently indicate a problem with your transmission. Whining or buzzing sounds coming from your vehicle may also be a sign that your transmission should be checked. Other common indicators include jarring of the vehicle when shifting or hesitation and slipping when moving from one gear to another.

If you ignore these signs, you risk causing damage to your engine and other power train components should your transmission fail. Please bring your car to us before this happens. We’ll inspect it for free and let you know what needs to be done to correct the issue.


Pick-Ups and Small Trucks

Pick-up and small truck repair

At Stu’s AE Transmission, we have the facilities and the expertise to handle the heavier machinery found in larger vehicles. Whether it’s gasoline or diesel, bring it to us, and we’ll fix it for you. We work on F-series, Rams, Silverado's, Tundra's and much more.


Light & Medium Duty Vehicles

Fleet service and repair

If you have a commercial vehicle that needs maintenance or repair, you can bring it in to us. We understand that your operation depends on having your vehicle in good, running condition and that you’re losing money for every minute it sits in the shop, so we’ll work efficiently to get it back on the road. If you have more than one vehicle, be sure to ask about our fleet program.

Our Specialties

Stu's repairs vintage cars and trucks

Vintage Cars

As car enthusiasts, we get excited every time we get the opportunity to work on a classic Chevy or an old Ford. We have the specialized expertise required to work on cars built in an era long before electronic ignition systems and engine control modules. We know your vintage car is like a work of art, and we take pride in caring for it as we would a priceless painting.

Extend the life of your car by bringing it to Stu's Transmissions

Extending the Life of Your Daily Driver

The vehicle you make your regular commute in takes a lot of punishment in LA and Orange County traffic. We know you depend on it to run and don’t want it to fail you before you’re ready to trade it in. Many of the services we provide can significantly extend the life of your vehicle. We take pride in keeping your car running smoothly for as long as you need it.

Stu's Does Fleet Service and Repairs

Fleet Vehicles/LBPD

When your operation depends on your vehicles running, there is little more valuable than having a repair shop you can trust. This is why the Long Beach Police Department trusts Stu’s AE Transmission to keep its cars in excellent condition. If you run a commercial, non-profit or government operation with multiple vehicles that you need in working condition, please give us a call about our fleet program. We’ll provide you with high quality maintenance and repair service for all of your vehicles at bulk pricing, so your operation will never be hampered by transport problems again.

Free Transmission Inspection at Stu's Transmission Long Beach

Free Transmission Inspection

At Stu’s AE Transmission, we really do care about your car. We get customers in all the time who need substantial repair work that could have been avoided if the warning signs had been detected earlier. While we can fix your car after it breaks, we would much rather you came to us before that happens.

To help encourage you to do this, we offer free transmission inspections. Bring your car to us, and we’ll inspect your transmission at no cost to you with no obligation to have us perform the repairs if anything is wrong. We can save you money when we detect problems early or give you peace of mind when we grant your transmission a clean bill of health.

Integrity is our watchword; it defines the creed we live by at Stu’s AE Transmission. We want to be as open and honest about our process as we can be every step of the way, which is why after we explain it to you verbally, we’ll put it on paper, so you have it to refer to.


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