Is Your Car Really Ready for Summer?

Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance. Naturally, you'll want to ensure that your car's air conditioning is working well, so you can stay comfortable in the California sun. At the same time, we can clean vents and filters to ensure that the air flowing through your auto isn't spreading dust or causing allergy symptoms to worsen.

A cooling system check. As important as it is to stay comfortable inside your car, you need your engine to be properly cooled as well. A quick look at your fluids, hoses, and thermostat is usually all that's needed to make sure your car or truck won’t overheat when it matters most.

Replacing lights and windshield wipers. Most people tend to drive a bit later in the summer, so it's important that lights (and especially brake lights and turn indicators) are working properly. Also, the rubber components of windshield wipers can be warped by too much time in the sun, so you should have them checked for wear regularly.

Tires, batteries, and oil. There is never a bad time to perform basic auto maintenance, especially if it's been a while, you're changing from one season to the next, or you plan to do a lot of driving in the near future. So, take a few minutes to stop in and make sure that you've got good tires, a working battery, and clean motor oil.

You don't have to spend a lot of time or money getting your car ready for summer, but a quick check of the essentials could save you a great deal of aggravation later. Why not stop into our shop today and let us get your car or truck prepared for the coming months of longer driving in warmer weather?



While we specialize in transmissions and drive-trains, we can perform any service on any make or model. Whether you need an oil change, a complete engine rebuild or anything in between, we can perform the work to the highest standards in the industry.