After 64 years in business Tim Giffin buys Stu's AE Transmissions!

Tim Giffin

For 64 years Stu’s AE Transmissions has been one of SoCal’s largest and most trusted automotive repair shops. Started in 1950 by Stu Ashurst, Stu’s business has sold over 50,000 transmissions. Stu Ashurst Junior inherited the business from his father, and eventually it came to be owned by Tim Giffin, the shop’s current owner. Keeping in the tradition of being a family owed business Giffin has been with the company for over 5 years and works there alongside his son, Jacob.

Over the years Stu's has gained a reputation of quality workmanship you can trust. This is why many customers bring their vintage and classic cars to Stu's as well as their daily drivers. While Stu's built their reputation on drive trains and transmissions the businesses horizons have been expanded into every area of automotive repair. The business was recently voted the best automotive repair shop in Long Beach and Seal Beach by Best of Magazine.

Tim and his Crew have transformed the business from being solely a drive train specialty shop to a full service automotive repair center. Due to a commitment to quality and Giffin’s foresight and experience in transforming specialty shops (e.g. Transmission Shops), to full-service repair shops, he has brought major fleet accounts to the business such as the Long Beach Police Department, Enterprise Fleet Management, Plains All American Pipeline, Industrial Repair, Tesoro Pipeline, and others.

In the modern automotive repair business, much of the work is outsourced and shipped to other specialists. All of the repairs done at Stu’s are done… at Stu’s, in-house by one of the 8 specialists, each of whom has been employed solely at Stu’s from 5 – 36 years each! As a result, the shop has become a leader in the industry as reviews on Yelp, Google, Mitchell, Car Talk, and Demand Force can confirm.

Come to Stu’s for timely, cost effective and trustworthy automotive repairs, so you can get back on the road worry-free.