While transmissions are a substantial part of our business and we pride ourselves on the meticulous work we do repairing and rebuilding them, at Stu’s AE Transmission, we possess the knowledge and expertise to diagnose any problem and repair or replace any component on any car, both foreign and domestic models. We are a complete automotive repair facility, and we perform every kind of car repair and maintenance service your vehicle will ever need. Whether you want your tires rotated or need a complete engine overhaul, whether you own a Ford, a Toyota or a Mercedes, we can do it for you, and whatever the service is, minor or major, you’ll leave our facility with the confidence the job was not only done, but that it was done right.

Engine transmissions

Standard Transmissions, Automatic Transmissions

As our name implies, transmissions are our core focus. Granted, your engine provides the power your car needs to run, but without a functioning transmission, your car won’t move when you step on the gas.

Leaking transmission fluid is a common sign your transmission needs attention. This fluid is similar to engine oil, except for it’s red in color, whereas engine oil typically ranges from dark brown to black. Your service engine light can frequently indicate a problem with your transmission. Whining or buzzing sounds coming from your vehicle may also be a sign that your transmission should be checked. Other common indicators include jarring of the vehicle when shifting or hesitation and slipping when moving from one gear to another.

If you ignore these signs, you risk causing damage to your engine and other power train components should your transmission fail. Please bring your car to us before this happens. We will perform all basic transmission inspections “for free” and let you know what needs to be done to correct the issue. If you have a special computerized transmission, or require advanced diagnostics, we have the advanced diagnostic equipment that’s necessary to identify any problem.

Stu's Long Beach Exhaust Specialists


Stu's has a special deal with the manufacturer to get their parts at up to 35% below factory blue sheet pricing. This means they can pass the savings along to their customers. There is a pipe bender on-site and they can create any setup needed whether it's for your daily driver, classic car or high performance race car. 

Standard Clutches

The clutch in your vehicle regulates the transfer of power from your engine to your transmission. Because of the way the clutch is designed to function and the amount of stress it sustains during operation of your vehicle, parts of it wear out over time. A worn clutch can significantly degrade the performance of your car, so it’s important to get it serviced when required.


A differential allows the wheels of your car to rotate at different speeds, typically by using a set of gears. Without a functioning differential, your car would not be able to turn without forcing some of the tires to lose traction. Differentials are also frequently used to increase the safety of your vehicle in slippery road conditions. At Stu’s AE Transmission, differentials are one of our specialties, so if you have a problem with yours, we can fix it for you.

Stu's Long Beach rebuilds car engines

Engine Rebuilds—Exchange

As your engine gets older, many internal components begin to deteriorate even with proper maintenance. Gaskets, seals and rings may begin to leak, cams start to wear, cylinders can become marred and pistons degrade. Conditions such as these warrant a rebuild of your engine. This is a process in which your engine is disassembled and some components are re-machined while others are replaced completely.

Because this is a time-consuming repair, Stu’s offers engine exchanges. We’ll take your engine and replace it with one that has already been rebuilt, so you don’t have to wait for us to rebuild your old engine. Also, because we give you credit for your old engine, you’ll save money compared to what you would have paid to simply buy a new or rebuilt engine.

Stu's Repairs RVs Long Beach

RVs, 4x4s, Vans

In addition to working on cars, we also perform repairs and maintenance on full-sized vans and RVs. If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, we can work on that too. We work on all makes and models, both foreign and domestic.

Pick-Ups and Small Trucks

At Stu’s AE Transmission, we have the facilities and the expertise to handle the heavier machinery found in larger vehicles. Whether it’s gasoline or diesel, bring it to us, and we’ll fix it for you. We work on F-series, Rams, Silverado's, Tundra's and much more.

Light & Medium Duty Vehicles

If you have a commercial vehicle that needs maintenance or repair, you can bring it in to us. We understand that your operation depends on having your vehicle in good, running condition and that you’re losing money for every minute it sits in the shop, so we’ll work efficiently to get it back on the road. If you have more than one vehicle, be sure to ask about our fleet program.

ECU Re-Programming

Vehicle Computer Flashing 101! Most cars on the road today have an onboard computer. This computer is responsible for monitoring a variety of sensors, such as the engine temperature sensor and oxygen sensor. Onboard vehicle computers are also responsible for alerting the driver when something goes wrong by flicking on the notorious “check engine” light. Vehicle computer flashing might not be the most common type of maintenance, but it is an easy and practical way to make sure you are getting the most out of your vehicle. More Info...