Standard and Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmission

As our name implies, transmissions are our core focus. Granted, your engine provides the power your car needs to run, but without a functioning transmission, your car won’t move when you step on the gas.

Leaking transmission fluid is a common sign your transmission needs attention. This fluid is similar to engine oil, except for it’s red in color, whereas engine oil typically ranges from dark brown to black. Your service engine light can frequently indicate a problem with your transmission. Whining or buzzing sounds coming from your vehicle may also be a sign that your transmission should be checked. Other common indicators include jarring of the vehicle when shifting or hesitation and slipping when moving from one gear to another.

If you ignore these signs, you risk causing damage to your engine and other power train components should your transmission fail. Please bring your car to us before this happens. We’ll inspect it for free and let you know what needs to be done to correct the issue.